It is possible to remove the notification for the update.

Here is what you need to do:

You can remove this program from your PC. Under the Control Panel, Uninstall programs, Go to Windows Update->Installed update, remove KB3035583. Also, you need to hide the update again in windows updates to prevent it from auto installing again since this is marked “important”.


Microsoft has released a free upgrade to WIndows 10 from Windows 8, 8.1 and Windows 7. If you are running Windows 8 or 8.1 We recommend you do the update. To be on the safe side though, back up any important data like pictures and documents first!

At E-Z-TECH Computers, we uninstall any Antivirus software as well. It is important to check the notifications after the upgrade for any drivers/programs that will need to be reinstalled or updated to run correctly.

If you are running WINDOWS 7, it is important to check on the manufacturers website to see if your unit supports WINDOWS 10 first.

We have had many clients that have had issues with their computer not working properly after doing the upgrade. If you have any questions or concerns, call the shop or drop in with your computer and we can check the upgrade opportunities for you.

Its official - windows XP Support ends today

April 2014

 Windows XP is finally retiring.  Global News Canada has a very well written article regarding the end of support. You can read it by clicking on their link below.


Microsoft phone call scam

It seems like the con artists are back at it again.  If someone calls you and says that they are from Microsoft immediately hang up the phone.  Microsoft is a billion dollar corporation and doesn't call random people to tell them that their computer is infected.  Generally they will tell you that your computer is infected and that they can clean it up for you remotely.  Once you follow their directions and give them access to your PC the con artist will generally load some junkware that "indicates" how infected you are.  After a bit of poking around they will tell you that it will cost $XXX. XX to fix it and that they accept credit card over the phone. If you have received this call and actually allowed the caller remote access to your PC bring it to us immediately so we can rid it of all the junk ware and spyware that they may have installed.  It is also recommended that you change passwords and contact your bank or credit card company if you gave them that information.